As part of our commitment to spreading the historical truths of the Christian faith, we are providing links to other various God-honoring sites. We would encourage you to check out these sites.

If you're tired of much of the modern drivel that passes for expository preaching in the contemporary church and would like to see what constitutes true biblical preaching visit the following sites: - A collection of sermons from the various Puritan divines. You will immediately be struck by the depth and majesty in their sermons. Here is food for the hungry soul. - Agape Chapel Ministries - A wonderful site of some dear friends in Christ involved in the publishing and distribution of books and pamphlets defending the Doctrines of Grace. An excellent source of reading material for those who wish to get better acquainted with the Reformed faith and the tenets of Calvinism.

Also, if you happen to be a Catholic and wish to learn more about the gospel and how it compares to the teachings of the Catholic church, please visit the following site -