The Works of John Owen (1616-1683)

Volume One, The Banner of Truth Trust

1) Wherefore, as we ought always to admire sovereign grace in the few that shall be saved, so we have no ground to reflect on divine goodness in the multitudes that perish, especially considering that they all voluntarily continue in their sin and apostasy.

2) There is nothing so unbecoming a Christian as to have his mind always exercised about, always filled with thoughts of, earthly things. And according as men's thoughts are exercised about them, their affections are increased and inflamed towards them.

3) But this is the state of them who live in the due exercise of faith, this they pant and breathe after, namely, that they may be delivered from all darkness, unstable thoughts, and imperfect apprehensions of the glory of God in Christ.

4) Men are not so vain as to hope for skill and understanding in the mystery of a secular art or trade, without the diligent use of those means whereby it may be attained; and shall we suppose that we may be furnished with spiritual skill and wisdom in this sacred mystery, without diligence in the use of the means appointed of God for the attaining of it? The principal of them is fervent prayer.

5) As believers beholding the glory of Christ in the blessed glass of the Gospel are changed into the same image and likeness by the Spirit of the Lord; so these persons, beholding the beauty of the world and the things that are in it in the cursed glass of self-love, are in their minds changed into the same image.

6) The peace which some enjoy is a mere stupidity.

7) Where light leaves the affections behind, it ends in formality or atheism; and where affections outrun light, they sink in the bog of superstition, doting on images and pictures, or the like.

8) And when all the faculties of the soul can, without any internal weakness or external hindrances, exercise their most perfect operations on the most perfect object, therein lies all the blessedness which our nature is capable of.

9) No man can have the least ground of assurance that he has seen Christ and his glory by faith, without some effects of it changing him into his likeness.

10) ...wherever there is a declaration of the excellencies of Christ, in his person, grace, or office, it should be accompanied with an invitation and exhortation unto sinners to come unto him.