Welcome to the Web Site of Sovereign Grace Bible Ministries.

On behalf of our ministry family I would like to thank you for visiting our Web site and take this opportunity to introduce our ministry to you to provide a brief overview of our guiding philosophy.

Our single, all-consuming passion is to make known Christ Jesus as He is revealed in His precious word of truth. As such our focus is not upon programs or church growth methodologies. These may be fine and even useful in their own respective places but they are no substitute for the saving knowledge of Christ. The truth concerning Christ is a special treasure that has been entrusted to the church with the divine intent of having it made known among the sons of men. We believe that it is our God-given responsibility to faithfully declare this truth, not just the more palatable parts of it, but the entire counsel of God, whether or not it is popular with the crowd and draws the accolades of the masses.

To be completely honest, we live in an age and at a time where many portions of the Word of God are simply passed over in silence by many who stand to minister in the pulpit perhaps because they are either fearful of offending those who have no heart for the truth or they simply wish the approval of the intelligentsia of our age .There seems to be an almost maddening rush to build larger and larger churches even at the expense of compromising the gospel message and the demands for holy living that it entails upon all those who embrace it. It is our opinion that there is a drastic sickness that has afflicted much of contemporary Christendom in this regards. We have a virtual multiplicity of churches, Christian book stores, Christian movies, Christian TV and radio stations , Christian seminars, etc., and yet in all this it seems at times as if Truth is a stranger in our land. The level of spirituality is low, carnality has descended upon much of the church and an appalling ignorance of the most fundamental truths of the gospel is evident among many who profess the name of Christ. In short, today’s church may be making numerous "converts" but one has to wonder if it is producing any "saints".

Both history and experience teach us that there may be a great deal of activity, indeed even many signs of vitality seemingly present in congregations yet all the while these same assemblies may be completely devoid of a true saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Today, many speak of Jesus Christ but in listening to them speak, one gets the distinct impression that the Jesus they are speaking about bears little if any resemblance to the glorious Son of God as revealed in the Bible. It is no wonder for even the great apostle Paul warned us in advance that there is "another Jesus", a "different gospel, and a "different spirit" that lies in wait to snare the unsuspecting (2 Cor 11: 4). It is amazing that so many who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ are blissfully unaware of warnings of this nature and as a consequence fail to appreciate the subtle and seducing nature of false doctrine. For that matter it is astounding that so few realize there is such a thing as false doctrine in the first place!

This is one of the reasons that we feel it is essential that those who follow the Lord Jesus be rooted and grounded in the great truths of our faith. Unless this foundation is present in their lives, they will be unable to discern the lies and deceptions of the evil one and as a result will be incapable of determining what is true and what is false. Unsuspecting, off-guard, careless, and complacent, they are easy prey for a cunning devil and his ministers who disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness (2 Cor 11:13-15).

We believe that only by systematically learning the great fundamental truths of the Christian faith can those who follow Jesus grow to maturity and become wise unto salvation. This foundation will enable them to see things clearly and recognize the counterfeit when it arises as it surely will.

Our main aim then is to fully expound the glorious truths that are contained in the Scriptures. It is in these truths, these doctrines, that the person, the work, and the offices of the Lord Jesus are set forth. Our belief is that one cannot know Christ in truth unless they have a solid grasp of these fundamental truths or doctrines contained in the Scriptures.

This requires a firm and resolute commitment on the part of those who desire to walk with Christ to learn the Scriptures. It is a tragic thing to behold what effort many Christians will take to further their careers, what sacrifices they will make to secure a better education, what difficulties they will endure so as to gain some earthly advantages all the while putting forth little or no effort whatsoever in matters that affect their immortal soul.

This having been said, we long to see a new Reformation take place within the body of Christ – A Restoration of biblical Truth! Truth makes saints – nothing else can. It is our opinion that this is the single, most pressing need in the church today. We believe that there are many of God’s dear sheep who are literally starving to death, spiritually speaking, in the churches they regularly attend. Hungry for truth, their souls are longing for the green pastures of God’s Word. Their ears are yearning to catch the sound of the voice of their beloved Jesus as He speaks to their hearts through His Word. Instead they hear sermons on morality, lectures on civility, principles of successful people, instructions on living the ‘abundant life’, recipes for happiness, antidotes for stress, and a thousand other such pious sounding platitudes. BUT THEY DO NOT HEAR CHRIST! They leave unsatisfied, disappointed, confused, bewildered and empty. In the words of Scripture, this ought not to be!

A church where the sheep do not receive nourishment for their souls, where they are not fed upon the rich pastures of the Word, where the veins of truth are not mined and brought to the surface, has failed in its task no matter how large or prosperous it may seem to be. It is an anomaly, an aberration, that has become unfaithful to the stewardship with which it has been entrusted. Yet tragically, this describes the situation that countless believers in Jesus experience week in and week out not only in this city but all over our fair nation. In short, the American church is under siege and the battle goes against it.

If you can relate to the above and are hungry for the truth then perhaps this mimistry might just be a place for you to find what you are seeking for. I invite you to survey our web site in more detail so as to better get a grasp of our purpose and calling. Simply click on the link below which will take you to our home page. From there you can browse through the various articles, listen to sermons, or read our Vision statement which goes into more detail about why we believe God has raised up this work. Our prayer is that this website will be a source of immense blessing to you and help to fill the hunger within your soul for the solid meat and substance of God's Word so that you may better come to know the glories of "Christ and Him crucfied".

Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted.


Dan Norcini